Forum Thread: What Is an "Interceptor"

I was watching this guy on youtube and at 3:50 he talked about an interceptor. Please explain what this is and how to make one.

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He stated he run the trojan in a virtual machine, so it would not harm his system. He then sniffed for network traffic and saw that screenshot were taken fron his pc to the attacker's server. He then used probably some proxy to DoS him with very large fake screenshots, making his server crash. If you want my guess, he used something like wireshark and paros to get this done.

Funny vid btw. Wannabe scammer got pwned.

How this wouldn't harm his computer because I heard of something called pivoting so the hacker can hack the computers on his network or am I wrong?

He can't pivot if you isolate the VM from the network too.


But how did he use the proxy and managed to swap out the picture?

Well how could you DoS someone with a picture?

look @ 4:26 ... well if the pic is 850 MB and scammer's server was on a poor connection, it could possibly either clog it, or crash it because it can't handle so much data. We'd need more info on his setup, but let's say it's a custom trojan built by the inexperienced scammer... totally possible to DoS it with a single hhuge image.

LOL THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS! haven't laughed this hard in a while.


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