Forum Thread: What Is the Most Easy and Most Effective Way of Hacking Wifi?

what is the easiest way of hacking wifi?
is there any other process that doesnot requires dictionary?

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WPS is probably the simplest.

Yea try permutations.. prince.. hybrid dictionaries...
At last you only are left with bruteforce..;);)

Well, I think there's no easy way :P
WEP is the easiest to patch but WPA/WPA2 is the worst.

Besides dictionary maybe bruteforce, not sure. I don't know if any MITM technic is worth a shot, I've read somewhere in the" how tos" that it was possible a MITM to WPA and someone was to write about it but I never found it.

If i was into the WPA scenário I first would try to recon the target WLAN router and its possible ISP, to know about the wireless keys they bring from factory(number of chars, wich chars, how many times the same char might repeat itself) and work on a dictionary and hope that the key wasn't changed.

In my opinion (least to most time consuming): 1.) Open WiFi, 2.) WEP, 3.) WPS (pixie dust), 4.) Evil twin 5.) WPS brute force (reaver) 6.) WPA/WPA2 dictionary attack 7.) WPA/WPA2 brute force

The easiest way will pretty much always be through social engineering, but then you're relying on human stupidity to aid the 'hack'.

Documents about social engineers pretexting a convincing phone call / conversation has shown a multitude of times that it is likely that they will provide you with the information you require if executed successfully, like John Mcafee allegedly did here.

WifiPhisher does a gd job in phishing attacks and getting Wifi password but takes lesser time than brute force methods.

@coderedSpawn exactly, social Engineering reduces the task and human stupidity at its best.

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