Forum Thread: What is SimJacker attack, and how I can use it?

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Seriously?? like thats some straight black hat shit thats as daft as the bloke asking how to hack a bank. BUT in saying that a simjack attack would require you doing our recon on your target then social engineering someone in a call centre to give you the swap. id probably leave it to the people who are kinda pros in the dodgy as fuck world

but that's not me please don't ask me for more information this is just some info ive put together from reading news articles I would imagine an attack of this type is much MUCH more difficult than i described

Publishing black hat shits in public makes people immune

Here I speak
Sim jacking actually sim swapping

An attacker confusing a sim carrier to believe he as his victim and tell them his sim card is lost or something else... And asking for a new one with same phone number. This is called as sim swapping by this the attacker can now just go and get all of victims accounts related to the number

(forget password?>>>pin in the text message)

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