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First off I know what a script kiddie is. It is someone who runs a hacking tool without knowing what it does or how it does it. Some people would even go as far as saying that using any tool you didn't make makes you a script kiddie. (See Mr Robot S1 EP8 I believe) I disagree with this statement because we should be able to use other tools people have made to make us more efficient. All other trades do this and other trades the users for the most part know how their tools works.

What are your thoughts are on this subject. I think as long as you know how something works and know how to use more than the default settings than you are not a script kiddie. Just want to get a discussion going here instead of only questions.

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i think about it and made 2 vedios about it in my youtube channel cuz many ppl wanna know what is kiddi and real hacker!

as i said we couldnt make all tools by ourselves and we have so many great tools like nmap - metasploit - john- beef which been master of them and config them is real hard and need to spend alot of time but if you limit yourself on these tools your just script kiddi you have to be able to understand code and understand that script and you have to be able to modify it! but it dosent mean that you shouldnt use others tools we are humans right? and humans got to this point only cuz of tools! but we have to do that job with our hands or lower tools aswell ( iknow you cant chop tree with hands ok ? :D but it was just example).

but put it on 2 lines script kiddi is guy who use others tools without knowing whats going on there and have no knowledge about system and network and basic understanding of it. hacker is doctor for a system he knows how it should work and how to use it to do fix it or do amazing stuff with it :D .

I agree and that is my point of view, why reinvent the wheel?

If I might add, say a certain script kiddie is trying to hack his/her gmail account for "some" reason, the first thing they would do is to make a search on google and find a "gmail hacker" app, that after using it will discover that it doesn't work. And then after that, that script kiddie will find a hacker or hacking website and ask for help. That person would probably get answers like "try hydra", "medusa can help with that". But then the script kiddie would want the particular commands for that hack instead of reading the help message or option. So that kiddie wouldn't know what, say -p 25 means, but then even if he is told that, that is a port number, he wouldn't know what it means, or why it is included.

I hope I gave correct information.

I understand what you are saying. It happens on Null Byte alot, not always but you see people not respond to answers like "Try hydra" alot

We attract script kiddies because of how far we have come as a community. We have to take the good with the bad, however, sometimes we can convert a script kiddie into a potential hacker. I encourage that a lot.


Agreed! We should still try but if we see someone who is probably a script kiddie we should encourage learning.

I think a lot of the time the hacking community mistakes a beginner, or noob, for a script kiddie. However there are many large differences in each group. With either group, you should help them but not give them the complete answer. Ask them to experiment, look through logs, and try debugging instead of giving them the entire answer.

There are also question differences between beginners, and script kiddies.

Beginners will ask why something is not working, how it works, and how to get started, where as script kiddies will ask you to give them free tools without knowing what exactly they do, ask you to hack their schools, etc.

I think it is very important that members of the Null Byte community and beyond know how to help a script kiddie. Encourage self exploration, and open up their minds. Who knows?

Thanks for the excellent forum idea!

  • Cameron

Using a tool doesn't make you a script kiddie.

Using a tool, not knowing what it does or why, and then calling yourself a hacker makes you a script kiddie.

Bragging about your hacking abilities, threatening to hack someone, or basically giving us a bad name makes you a script kiddie.

Not wanting to learn makes you a script kiddie.

Have the knowledge to back up your claims.


Don't threaten to DDoS and then Dos

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