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Hello guys.As the title said i was wondering what linux do you use.I want to switch my main pc on linux as well.So far i have kali on laptop but windows on pc.So,what linux do you use?

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I got fedora on one. but it's not works for hacking and stuff.
you have to see why you want use linux on your pc.
for hacking, working or just fun?!

If you wanna go into pentesting/hacking.. your best bet would be kali... if you already kbiw kali enough.. you could try out cia kali or such..

If you dont want pentesting... your best bet would be linux mint or ubuntu.. whichever you like !! ;):)

You could also just dual boot your kali or linux with the windows on your main pc

DON'T use a pentesting distro as main OS! it is just unpractical, and the tools eat up unnecessary space.


@Pho Why not?. "It's not the machine's fault, it's the operators."

I don't watch movies or entertainment on it. I don't load any software to it. I code everything I use on it. Has served me well. I would rather write up a report on it than a different machine. I get an Idea I don't have to fumble the moment loading OS's. Besides you can turn on full gnome if you need windows and clicking. Not for everyone though.

Dual boot with the ransom ware Windows 10?

don't get me started on Windows 10 please, that thing made me sick...

i never stated it was the OS's fault that it is unpractical to have a hacking OS as a main distro. i hate it when i have things flinging around that i don't need, in this case, hacking tools. why would i make my OS eat up 3,1GB when i can go down to approx 1GB? it isn't much, but...

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furthermore, i've had countless problems with the package manager in Kali. missing sources, missing libraries in my 64-bit system, and all the rest.

i know i can add the sources to sources.list and install the libraries manually, but why would i do that when i can have them all out of the box in Ubuntu?

and if you are going to modify so much anyway, why not just install Arch and "build your own OS" out of it (like i did)?

don't get me wrong, hacking distros like Kali and ParrotSec are great, but i think they should just stick to what they are made for: Hacking.

but that's just my personal opinion


"and if you are going to modify so much anyway, why not just install Arch and "build your own OS" out of it (like i did)?"

Ciuffy has the best answer to that question. ;-P I would just make a custom Kali image personally. I have used backtrack since it was released.

Fits better than windoze anyday. I do agree with a couple of points though.

Thanks for the clarity.

everyone has his/her preferences i suppose.

I'm going to ask Ciuffy right away why he thinks that :P


Right away, takes much time.

If you are going to build a little OS, or download a little distro, there are probably going to be many compatibilities problems with everyday life.

Not with the special stuff it is meant to do, with that stupid video that doesn't want to run. Meh, maybe not worth the effort, but everyone should do it once.

<ad> Annoyed by the never-booting/super-heavy windows? Tried of spendin thousands of dollars for photo-canvas Apples? No more today with the power of Open Source! You'll love drying your eyes for hours trying to get things working! Download Ubuntu now and start trying like no tomorrow ^O^</ad>

My every day joice is Ubuntu. Evem though it is the less linux-like linux distro, the repos are very rich and if something doesn't work, I just fix it.

As a developer, I feel like Ubu-san is my best choice for my scopes. Plus, documentation is always available all the way down to little details.

"Annoyed by the never-booting/super-heavy windows?"

I have upgraded to windows 10 (Backed up my important files before i upgrade and then i fresh installed windows 10) and my boot time is 16037ms, which is i think a bit more than Ubuntu(Around 11 secs).

When I install fresh windows... the boot time is about 4 seconds for a week..
After that it gradually falls off to about 20 seconds ;);)

Haven't tried Win 10 yet and I am confidente. I heard they did a great job, is that it?

Oh, right.

my Ubuntu boots up in 5 seconds, but i have my Ubuntu installed on a SSD...


Can you you please state the reason of your annoyance? In my opinion it IS the Best Windows Ever. Fast,Secure,Some new features (Not much,but it's still good.)Windows store(which is,in my opinion,better than Ubuntu software center).What is your problem with Windows 10?

For fun.But i believe you can install all the hacking stuff on another distro.I mean kali is debian based,right?So,cant you install most of kali tools on another linux?

Yes you could, but it takes a lot of your time and energy.

so if you want it for fun, I'm suggesting that install mint, ubuntu and fedora on virtual machine. test them and findout what you like more.

i personally love fedora, but it's more difficult than ubuntu or other distos

You can install all the tools, but there are literally hundreds of tools. You would be at it for weeks. As a beginner, you are better off just installing Kali.

i use Arch as a main OS (I'm so badass, i know), but for you i recommend Ubuntu or Debian. Arch Linux is more for the advanced.


And what are the apps that i first should install on ubuntu?

That purely depends on what you need..
Start your usual work.. and keep installing things you need on the way...

However if youre into hacking and stuff. .. it will be one hell of a nightmare installing that stuff...
What you can do is you can also dualboot your linux with kali!!

or simply use USB persistence.


Yea but its slow...

Class 10 SD card of 16GB here with an SD-to-USB converter, i got that SD card for 60 euros and the SD-to-USB converter i got for idk... 99 cents?

i have no problems whatsoever, in fact, sometimes my USB persistence goes faster than my actual hard drive.


how to boot Kali as USB persistence without going boot menu to change the boot order?

Use ESC or F2 or F12 and go to boot menu and just select your USB.
There is no other way!

I'm using Arch Linux w/ i3wm at the moment Like Phoenix 750 xD, tiling window managers really make everything more awesome :P

someone said there is a shortcut to skip this process .so is he wrong?

Ok listen..
There are 2 ways to boit from usb

  1. Go to bios setup and change boot order
  2. Go to boot menu and select device you want to boot from..

So press the appropriate key listed at the below of your screen when you switch it on on bios screen and have fun ;);)

I personally use Kali for everyday OS (Yes, I know, I know, not meant for everyday stuff, but read ahead), since it does everything I tell it to in a matter of mere seconds (Often single-digit numbers), instead of Windows, let it be 7 or 10. What I write, I can write with gedit (Or, if it's something very short, emacs). I've never had a single bit of trouble with it, can modify just about everything to my preference (Hint: My Kali Partition is largely unmodified) and, well, it's Linux! What's not to love?

Same with me ;);) cause size is not an issue;);)

For me it's Elementary OS.

It's based on Ubuntu and has nice visuals like OS X.

Image via

I just installed a couple of programs, and it does everything fast and nice.

Do you miss Office main programs? Ttry out Kingsoft WPS Office
Miss paint? Get Kolourpaint4
Miss Netflix (ew)? Try Popcorn Time

It's nice to always keep a USB stick with Kali nearby, though.

I think Ubuntu would be awesome to work with, as long as you like and prefere a desktop environment more than console. Even though i use windows8 as my main system.


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