Forum Thread: What Is Your Attitude to InfoSec and Society?

I've been involved in the InfoSec community for about a year now, and I've always been surprised how much peoples attitudes about security differs.

How do you view new public exploits? Do you see them as a cool new toy to try out on big business or do you see them as a bad thing plaguing mankind?

I'm in this game for the fun and the potential power as well as the satisfaction, however some people are in this to help make the web and people more secure? Is that the real reason? Or is it the adrenaline you get when you get that successful compromise after countless attempts.

Let me know, I'm fascinated to find out how people feel about this topic.

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very good questions and points.

i started hacking for quite an odd reason: i am afraid that technology will one day be so advanced that we can barely control it. i first began seeing this with my friends when i was 12. they just blindly followed new trends and registered to sites like facebook without even knowing what is going on in the background. i never registered for a single social medium because i knew what they were doing in the background. but the thing that really pushed me into hacking was when Edward Snowden revealed the patriot act to the public. i was already studying hacking, but it was then that i truely started giving up my social life to become a hacker.

this is what i mean with "technology is overpowering us". technology is becoming too closed and we barely have any control of it, while the government and corporations use it to break into our privacy. we no longer have control over what we do with our tech, and what is happening to it. this is why i wanted to become a hacker: i wanted to take back the control that has been robbed from us.

the infosec community is one of the best community's i've ever been in. not because they are all like-minded people, but also because everyone is open and willing to share what they know. that's the thing i like the most about the infosec community. people helping other people find creative solutions to problems. i think our governments could learn something from the infosec community (laughs).

the same thing with public exploits. if we do not publish these exploits, how are we going to find creative solutions for them?

the infosec community is about sharing knowledge. i believe firmly that the thing that separates us humans from other animals, is knowledge. and anyone who refuses to share knowledge with others shouldn't be considered a human then.


Fair points Phoenix750! Sharing knowledge is an absolute must! Just like the Linux/GNU movement. So would you classify keeping a 0day silent selfishness?

yes, yes i would.


Well said. The few use fear and lies to control the many, and with new technology becoming an ever-increasing part of our lives, comes more oppression than ever before. I agree with Phoenix, we must learn to understand the technology that has so wrongly been used against us to foil any attempts to take away our rights as human beings. That is why I do what I do.

Information should be free, free as in free speech, not free as in free beer.

I write and admin here for a few reasons.

One, want to train each of you-- who are willing to work and study-- in the fine arts of hacking. Second, the more people that know hacking, the freer the web will be. Third, the more you know about hacking, the greater chance that your communication on the web can be free and anonymous. Fourth, hacking and hackers (that means you) have a responsibility to keep the web free from totalitarian government domination.

i agree with everyone here, but the problem is when this government want us to work for them, will u guys do it for love by refusing any offer to work for government and be the one who will take ppl privacy or just ignore it and keep that loyalty to the community ?

if i think what someone is doing is right, i will join them. if i think what someone is doing is wrong, i will fight against them. it's that simple.


Technology is power. Power is trend.

But this time, it's different. About those money-spawning kids Phoenix was talking about: sure enough, they would be exploited in other technology eras too, but mass medias are showing us that... it is cool, just that. It is cool "to blindly give your money to me", you'll be fine and happy like a kid, and every one will love you.

It's not necessary to be part of the infosec community to realize that this new reality of the appearence, where people get sick because of not eating enough or mad for things that super-poor people would even love to be able to worry about, it's a mad world.

School is trying to teach it, I hope. But when teacher is asked if banning unexperienced from the internet is good, teacher tells you " you are banning him from modern life". If that is enough to protect innocents from the dirty hands of those cowards on the other side of their avatar, then I am all for crashing all the computers around.

I just started hacking because I was curious. I knew a lot of things about the surrounding technologies, but I've never known what does it take to interact with a target machine and act arbitrary.

I love following the #infosec community, because it is based on free sharing of knowledge, like open source and pretty much everything still being not exploited on the internet. Even if most of us hide behind avatars, we do it with little or no profit except visibility to reach more people, just for people's sake. Maybe I won't be the one to save the world, but the more we are, the easier. And I am glad I can watch this from so close.

Good and bad people at pair weapones now that big elements in society could not outstand migrating to computers and internet. The human will of being connected was so strong it created a situation where for the first time, only people interested in humanity's sake can rule.

nice to hear that CIUFFY, im glad 2 kno that im in a place where we all care bout humanity..+1 for your comments...the world now is ruled by infosec, as we always said the ww3 is happing now but just few ppl can notice that, and we should b glad to b part of this war, does not matter what is the reason for everyone here got to become a hacker, i believe the world need heros...and Hercules, superhuman, batman r all fantasy that we can make it real, there is a lot of evil cop out there and we should free ppl from them, by teaching everyone how does technology works is a great weapon..btw im in the last year of college im doing software engineer, i got boring from making software in more than 4 months sometimes and someone hack it within 1 or 2 days thats why i decide to see the other side of technology(hacking), im not that experienced with the offensive side but i wish to learn and share alot here..coz i use to see this inside the hollywood now i can fell it, what is to have a community sharing almost the same thoughts or dreams, i feel like a house with my family on nullbyte ..

don't try to teach people how technology works because you will be disappointed by how ignorant they can be. i tried it myself and people just want to follow the masses, without even realizing what is actually happening. even when it is clearly stated in facebook's terms of service that they collect your data, both private and public, and sell them to ad companies, they still refused to see the truth.

people deserve the truth, but even when they have it they refuse to look.


I guess they just don't care.
After all.

You guys give me faith in humanity.

At first I started learning hacking to hack my neighbour's WiFi. And I did. It was WPA2 protected, the password was 11112222. But then I realised it was too easy. Now I learn hacking to fight the 1%. Which is pretty much tough.

I loved reading you all, guys.

I got into this because while I learn more about this, technology becomes more present in everyone's life, so my knowledge is growing exponentially.

I believe that in a not-so-distant future, "robots" will replace many human jobs, but I think there will be a place for a programmer or a security expert.

Last, but not least, I'm on this because it's fun!

This is so inspiring to read all of your comments, I almost got tears in my eyes. :,)

I didnt ever think about that this could be revolutionary, sharing your knowdledge to others, who share their knowdledge. The information will spread, and before we ever realise it. It would have spread to more than millions of people. It's unthinkable to image how much the technology are going to grow the next few years. And what a simple hacker would be able to do with all the new stuff coming out.

Imagine the power a very skilled hacker would have...

I just got my motivation refreshed :D

Awesome question, ty for posting it.

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