Forum Thread: What Kind of Hashes Could That Be

hi after hacking a website (with a microsoft access db) I found some weird resuts : see the picture ,what kind of hash can that be ?

what can I do to decrypt it ?

in addition i have searched in kalilinux hash-identifier it said alder32 its but when i used a decrypter of that kind the results were false

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It may be one of these <-- I used that website

  • CRC-32
  • CRC-32B
  • FCS-32
  • ELF-32
  • Fletcher-32
  • FNV-32
  • Adler-32
  • GHash-32-3
  • GHash-32-5

this said Base64.
I would try those. Start with Base64

yeah i see , so that increases the possibility that it's alder32 so is there a tool or a way to decrypt it ??!

There are quite a few online things you can use. Or you can try brute forcing it

If they really are hashes, they are meant to be cracked, not decrypted. Hashes are one way functions so you cannot decrypt them. You must brute force it with something like a dictionary or rainbow tables.

You're right! Thanks for pointing out that mistake. I accidentally used the term decrypt because whenever I search the such, the all say decrypters.


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