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Hey guys. So I was at a 2600 meeting (don't judge me) and this guy gave me a Raspberry Pi Zero. For free (I tried to give him 5$ but he wouldn't take it). So its the next day now and I was thinking, what should I do with this? Well I wanted to make a TOR AP but i know there are other things to do with it. So I wanted to start a discussion with everyone and have people share and throw around ideas. So I started a new discussion. Just btw Im not asking what to do I just want to see what some fun ideas would be.

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Me and my friend were making a minecraft server with one. There is just so much you can do.

Instructables has dozens of Pi projects for you to look at.

I still have yet to decide what I am going to do with mine. That being said, my cousin was using his as an ids. Our program at school set one up as a Nintendo emulator for a project during a presentation week.

step one: infiltrate the airdream network
step two: encrypt evil corps data with aes256
step three: save the world

I just set up one of my pi's as an ad blocking DNS server. Just change the DNS settings on your router to point to the pi, and BOOM -- network wide ad blocking for every device on your home network.

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