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So I am a 13 year old interested in hacking. No, I am not a script kiddie. I have spent a lot of time on this website and learnt a lot of things, OTW is the BEST(not to mention the others), including networking protocols, metasploit and so on... So now what I want to do is build my own tools, I know that I should not start out really big and crash. I have searched google but all I see is a network sniffer:( I need some advice on what I can build, remind you that this is my second tool from scratch(I built a network sniffer first), and also that the project can be where it can teach more things about hacking, and also expand my knowledge in this wide open sea of information. And also the idea might really small and I will try my best to do it.


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Try to make a bruteforce app with ip changer that will help u alot in hacking :)

Thanks for the idea. Could recommend me any app, I have instagram in my mind. But anything else would be fine. And is python or c++ better.

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