Forum Thread: What Should I Learn Next

I know all the basics of python (uptil classes and inheritance and File I/O).

I thought of learning Django .
Is there any other thing that I should procede with?

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Learn C/C++ which I am learning now and you can learn web programming language too.

Web development is a big-ish leap from python, I also am currently making tutorials on it. You have to learn HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Which is a different but good leap. There are also tutorials out for C/C++ on this forum

Though I have forgotten them as I did web development around 2 yrs ago :p

After C/C++ go for java ^^

where were you PROGRAMZERO when i had to do my php project :s

Sorry :(. And agree on the Java front.

The file I/O is fairly easy and you should take maybe an hour to play around with it.

Python also has bitwise operators which were a mess for me to learn.

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