Forum Thread: What system high schools use for network and security?

Does Anyone know what high schools usually use as a system for their Networks and Security ?

I asked one of my teachers and he said "it's not a powerful system but a use '''Clis''' "(That's what I heard) So I don't know something like this ....

Any help ?

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The systems high schools use depends from high school to high school.

My school upgraded their security this year after i and probably the 100-ish other hackers in my school pointed out a vulnerability in the "PRIV" system they were using (I don't know if that is the real name of the system. the IT staff used to call it that atleast) that simply would give anyone administrator rights on the computer they were using. Yes, everyone was an admin of their local machine. That is the thing i discovered. 2 months later, a friend of mine who is also a white hat hacker found a way to somehow access the server where grades were stored. How he did this is still beyond my knowledge, but he said he exploited the admin thingy i discovered.


Well my teacher is one of the main stuff of the IT in our school and I think what he meant with "Clis" is CLI so a system with no GUI But he did not specify a system.. So I want to know which one they're using also I need to say that we use windows xp wich is unsecure so we should have admin access easily! maybe I can find it but how ?

Reconnaissance is key.




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oh, btw.. if he said "it's not a powerful system" it's maybe some in-house solution, but that's wild speculation. Do some reconaissance then... find the gateway ip, try to see what runs there, then try to make your way inside that. Try to trigger an alert and see if a blocking message is of any help to identify the software that is running. If you know who is in charge of the network you can try to target him and get the credentials. Or just propose to help him with network administration and have an access.

Be creative.

There are better ways. You could DoS attack the machine until it crashes, or maybe send exploits of different well-known programs and systems until one works, or just send remote commands to get info about the system.

I still prefer to DoS them.
Maybe it's so old that you could become a superuser by just sending a file through an email.

-The Joker

They just cut the WAN they only keep us connected to the LAN network so how can I DDOS that from a pc in the class?! Today, I happened to know that my teachers can't see what I'm doing also!

That's the same case here. But what matters more are the CCTV cameras that would be recording you, and the record that who sat where during a time(though even the system time is inaccurate, and we can't even see it, maybe with some minor calculations they can tell). Plus there's always people sitting near you who might have seenwhat you're gonna do, and they could punish everyone till someone opens their mouth(and they check the CCTV recording). What about some teacher seeing you?

The best way to find would be to attack the server, or maybe something else. I have a friend who short circuited the lab using some chewed asafoetida, and never got caught for it.

-The Joker

In my school it should be too easy as we don't have any CCTV cameras and I sit alone in a computer near the teacher's so he will never see what I do he never came next to me because he's already there and he knows I don't need any help, also I'm sure no one can see me doing anything but the problem is that I don't know how to attack it without using the most detectable viruses... I need something easy(since I can access the system) and efficient!

Well played sir, well played...


In India, I simply can't believe that they use very secure systems.It would be something around a WinXP or an old release of Debian at the highest(even that would be exaggeration, taking in account how much is security valued in this country).

At the lab, we use old-class computers connected with a server that just has a NetComputer Console to manage(and WinXP/7 and the tools we are to use, of course).

As to the main computers of the school(s), I wouldn't be surprised even if they run MS-DOS(actually, I would be, seeing that a school is putting this much resources in properly managing the system).

If you want raw stats, I have some of them. In India, there are only 20% of the needed security professionals, average salary for a CEH is around Rs.3-4lakh p.a.(around $6000)(I don't think employers usuallyeven know of another certification), yet no. of computer engineers is more than double the required amount.

-The Joker

Got A picture of the school's server :v yeah the real server!! and they're installing new Fiber optics with 8mb bandwidth (the purple cables).

and the PC I always use is currently not connected to the LAN, So how can I get the admin password from my pc ?

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