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I want to get all IP addresses of any computer that is connected to a server (linux). What tool should I use?

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If its a server that you own , You can least use the tail command to follow apache server logs or use a standard php script to log ip addresses to a file in your server , You can also use the nodejs webserver module ( If your web app is in node ) to log all information on the computers connected to your server.

If you are spying on a victim then MITM attack is a perfect one...

Thanks, But the problem with MitM is that I don't know the IP address of the PC's connected to the Server, MitM is my goal here, but I don't know the IPs

I'm sure that you can't do that , The only way is to take over the server and then create a small php script to log their ip's when connected , You can even start a exploit if you will... But MITM is conducted on a single victim and not on a pool of computers connect to a specific server (But you can see who is connected to the server and their browser type and basic infos) . ( MITM is not even possible even if you own the server ).

MITM goes like this... You connect to the victims network ( i.e his/her WIFI ) then start the MITM between the victim and the router ( The Internet ) and finally you can log the victims activity. You can also achive this by changing the DNS of the victims router to your malicious DNS , Then you literally do anything to him... Only have to have access to the victims network. ( You can also do a Evil Twin attack in combination with DNS Spoofing to achive the same result ).

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