Forum Thread: What Tutorials Do You Guys Want to See?

hello guys,
I have a question for you obviously.
So I've made some tutorials about a vbs script to bomb whatsapp messages
just look on my profile page to see what tutorials i've.

and I want to make tutorials where i get feed back etc cuz posting something and seeing it being ignored kinda sucks you know when you invest your time in it.

so what tutorials did you guys like to see? I have an idea for creating a bash script to jam every wireless network around you or make it more advanced and make more options in it like selecting what network

or on how to bruteforce an wpa2 network or an tutorial on how to use nmap, armitage or dos a specific mac address on a network i'm currently learning it al so i don't think i can do all of you requests but comment what you did like to see

truely yours Cyph3r_

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Let's say you have kali linux and a target has windows 10, a complete guide to hack that computer, open a metepreter session and install a fud backdoor. And to be a full guide like how to find vulnerabilities about the person, os, network. To be like a hit and run, not to be detected, how to make a plan, write essential data about him, stalk him. I just want this for educational purpose only, to know how to defend myself and to teach others too i am not that type of kiddo "How to crack my friend's facebook", and by the way find him on social networks like facebook, instagram.

This will be nice ^_^

I like this idea because I was wondering myself on how to do it. I already know some things to do this it also might be with a bit of social engineering involved. but currently I only know on how to do thing if you are on the same network because I'm learning it my self by searching the web and trying out so before I can do a tutorial on how to do it over the net and on local takes a bit of time before there is a tutorial about it perhaps you want to help me?

I mean i know metasploit, aircrack, wifiphisher setoolkit basic stuff and yes how to to hack on wan with portforward, so yes i can help

alright that is nice I'll cleanup my Private discord server and I will pm you with the link to it we can meet up and arrange the time and such

Just had to add https

can U make a tutorial how to find hidden networks and how to crack them if they are wpa2 protected.

Yeah sure they shouldn't be that hard to find but the thing probably is when someone knows how to setup a hidden network they also take down some vulnerabilities but you can always brute force it. I'm going to look into it.

Could you make a tutorial how to HACK MICROTEK WIF.

Well I'm not able to make tutorials on how to hack specific routers but you need to footprint and they you know if they are vulnerable for WPS attacks or how easy it will be to brute force. So in short if you want to hack an WiFi network you don't want to learn how to hack a specific router but more on how to hack the security on it. Any other questions?

Thanks so that means this type of router is not like other routers which can be hacked with less effort,doesn't ? There is a vulnerable Microtek router near by my home I thought if there is a way to hack this by using some applications in Kail luinx. Anyways, could tell me what are things should I start learning to hack this type of router beside hacking security? Thank you for your help.

well if you really want a good tutorial i suggest this one i'm learning from it now and after it you should have a pretty good knowledge to get you started to learn more etc its 15 hours tho but its deffenately worth it and dont skip a thing you need to know how other do the same things you know :

I really want to see a tutorial on how to program own exploits in python.

Hey I like this idea,

I like it because I love programming it's one of my strong points I only know the basics of python but I will look into it. Thanks


try to use Nmap to scan the network and install metasploitable on a virtualbox it's really educational. Metasploitable is basically an 'old system with old software' and thus there are know vulnerabilities and exploits try this first.

Thanks guys for the replies I will see if I can find out anything on these topics!

By the way I'm currently doing my exams so it will be sometime before I can make a good tutorial. I'm only 17 at the moment so I need to see how to do all the requests and learn it. I also need to make sometime for it.

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