Forum Thread: What Type of Coding Is Most Important for Hacking?

Hey guys,

I just started OTW's Basics Of Linux course (I figured that one is pretty essential). But what type of coding do you see yourself using the most? I was going to head over to code academy after I finish OTW's course.

"Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 9 different programming languages including Python, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, and Ruby, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS." They also opened up SQL and Java classes.

My goals are too be able to understand how to send payloads and R.A.Ts, AND be able to use them. Also toorecognize and understand how to capture hashes


Oh ps how the hell do I get rid of my real name on here and change it too a nick name. Ahah.

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Based upon your limited goals, you won't need to learn coding at all to accomplish them. If you expand your goals a bit, learn scripting first, BASH and Python, and when you advance, maybe C/C++ as Phoenix suggests.

I might add that if you're interested mainly in payloads you should look into ASM, and learn how to rewrite a known and detected one to an undetected, and ultimately write your own from scratch. While there are a lot of good shellcode generators / encoders out there, being able to write your own is surely a PRO skill.

To change your nick, just click on your own avatar on top of the page (between the 'worlds' and the 'credits' counter), click Settings, then change the 'display name', then 'update profile settings'. Done.

Low level languages such as C/C++ but it also helps to have knowledge of web design (SQL, PHP) so you can find your own exploits.

As a shellcoder of my crew, I would say Assembly. But for other purposes, I recommend you take on C/C++, Perl for offline hacking/scirpting, PHP, SQL, JScript for online

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