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hello guys, before I do something that most of you won't like - maybe - I would like you to know that I'm new here and about me, I just learned hacking just almost a week right now and I have a goal and I had an Idea that I wanna share to all of you.

But first, is grey hat Illegal here?

I think I'm a grey hat because I'll be using other peoples computer(without them knowing ), but it won't hurt them on anything, absolutely 0%.

I think I'll only be posting the Idea that I had when it is approved so that I won't hurt anyone,
sorry guys,

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Grayhat Is both white and blackhat,
Blackhats are "criminals" and What they are doing is illegal.
Whitehats are hacking for "good".
So grayhat hackers are kind of illegal.

well can A grey hat stay here?

I think you're missing the point of the legality of discussing concepts of hacking. It doesn't matter if what you propose is the most unlawful and immoral of ideas, as long as you do something like presenting it as a hypothetical situation. Whether you actually follow through with the idea and break laws is another matter entirely because we won't know if you did it or not nor can we, average citizens, really find out (or bother to, or care).

But here you're doing the opposite and you're attracting attention.

Sorry guys guess I'll just post it then, What type of virus can I use to manipulate other peoples computer or maybe send a command that would open the browser, go to youtube watch a video and subscribe without them even knowing?

I'm really sorry guys.

No you Can upload It, they are showing How to hack Facebook and How to ddos a site.
That is black hat hacking.......

It is Okay to be a GreyHat, unless you do not harm their computers. Lets say a knife is your computer. Chefs could make foods with it, but Murderers can murder people with it.

And GreyHats, are just people that has two paths, make meals and make others happy, or be a murderer killing people.... But it is really up to you. You can make others happy, or make others suffer in pain...

Oh, and there are lots kinds of viruses, but I think trojan virus will be the best, sneaking into other computer and executing programs.

well, thanks for the thoughts, believe me, when I entered this path I promised I ain't hurting other people and do you think a trojan could do this ( I could control their computer without them knowing?)


hey I just found a tutorial also here from null byte about controlling the mouse and keyboard using only a python script, and I'm damn happy

but now I wanna make it undetectable and still gotta find a way to spread,
still thank you

As long as you access something your're not authorized to access, it's illegal. I recommend you learn a programming language if you want to code malware, which is not something you can do in a couple days. Learn C or a variant of C but youre not going to be able to do it any time soon. Also that idea of getting them to subscribe, make sure your youtube account is 100% anonymous, you don't your email/phone number, not using a real name, using a VPN, basically have absolutely no ties to your identity.

that was a great tips thanks a lot, but in the part of coding, I think I'll encounter,only a small problem, I learned C and C++ and I also learned python, but I'm not that real pro, but at least I won't go "nunu" when I encounter some codes.

great tips thanks a lot.

Just keep practicing, nothing comes easy.

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