Forum Thread: What Was Your Hardest Problem to Solve in Hacking/Programming.

hey dear null-byte hackers & programmers.

we all had hard day on our own.some times we got lost our target when we were try to social eng on him/her . most of times we get part of program that bugs it but we cant del it or fix it nor change it with some thing else. some times firewall just dosent let us and we cant bypass it ( ay most of times ;( ) so what was your hardest day on programming / hacking! feel free to share it ..

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My hardest issue in scripting was a while ago. It was my first time using the socket module in python, it was an entirely new subject to me. That was about 9 months ago. Once I got over that issue I knew I wanted to go further into scripting, one thing lead to another and here I am.

true socket is one of the hardest topics in python i have had same problem as you.

Same. Socket module was the worst thing with Python. I actually wrote a library after I figured it out. Not great and only did what I needed but it worked.

its get worst when you have to combine them with threading still remember myself when i was trying to write my first advance port scanner :(.

Same. Recently was learning to use Twisted in python for asynchronous network headaches

Check it out: I actually was learning to use it so I could use it with kivy. Found a great tutorial for it(, but it's quite long and a lot of info to absorb. Haven't actually done anything interesting with it yet, but looking forward to being able to.

Thank you! I will look into this!

What is hard in sockets module in python?

I am learning Cython, still. It is very difficult, but when I reverse engineer malware... It's pretty handy!

Currently? Learning the Windows registry. In the past was figuring out the Zeus botnet! Also Python sockets ;)

Learning Win32 C++. I almost cried because my head was broken...


Fun thing is, after learning it for over 6 months, i still don't get it completely!


i tell you a trick it always work for me when i want to learn some thing hard and it just bug me.its part of nature of human that when some thing is hard try to bypass it and not learn it properly and be creative about it so if you want to learn it exam it yourself ask your self so what does this part do why you puted it here can you put some thing else there(you asking these to your self)and then ask yourself make a program with it believe me it works ;)

i use the same way of learning. but Win32 still gives me headaches...


Me too.I still can't figure out what is that.
But I'll try my best to understand it.
Hope you have a nice day.

What do you don't get? I'll give you some resources to learn from, but still it took me 9 months to master it and search for exploits in Windows. I started 2 years back.

A marquee panel.
Joking, android app tabs.

speaking of android programming i never been throw it can you actully program in Linux or you need windows and is that easy to learn and close to some thing like c++ or python ??

You can actually write apps for android in python. google kivy and python-for-android. Most stuff would be done in Java I think. You can do it on linux... Android studio is available on linux

Exactly, Android Studio is the main tool that can handle Google libraries.
From there, it's a normal application like computer ones.

Python Sockets, and Android apps.

Basically everyone else also. Maybe OTW should do a tutorial on that XD

Hi guys, Im new to here<
Python socket programming is hard to me aslo

Hi,Hisbullah Mohammed.
Welcome to Null Byte!
I am learning c++ and python now.
That's so cool.
Hope you have a wonderful journey here.

Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here and can call it home.

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