Forum Thread: What Will Typo Teach You in 2016?

2016 is days away, and I want to enlighten you on what I will be teaching you in the upcoming year.

Looking Back:

Looking at my older articles, I have taught you some well important things if I do say so myself. I haven't really put my focus on the technical stuff as a hacker, but more on the stuff you need to adapt to, and things you need to implement into yourself as a person. (to put it in a nutshell)

I Hope You Have Learned from My Articles, and Especially My First Article Which Was a Pretty Good Success for Me, So I Will Try and Make a Comeback for That, Due to the Amount of Positive Feedback I Got on That.

You can check out the article here:

What Will Typo Show You in 2016?

Now, for what you have come to this article for. Let me jump right into it.

I want to give you a better look into a hackers world, even though it will be very hard to do that when many other have already done that, such as OTW. I want to explain to you in the basics what a hacker needs to learn in his nature in order to become a good hacker.

The subjects I want to go over with you are these:

1. I want to teach you maybe some SQL.

2. I want to teach you how to DoX.

side note: DoXing is actually legal, and because I know this is a white hat community, this is not for malicious intentions, but because all the info you are obtaining while DoXing (at least for the most cases) are public, therefore it is not illegal, and therefore it is not black hat

  • Those are my 2 main focuses right now, and I might add some more or come up with some more later on. Also I still have a live series that I am to finish which I am intending to do so in the beginning of 2016. And, I am also pondering a new series called Typos Tips which I will introduce you to when and if that will happen.

In the Meantime:

While you are waiting for the new year to happen, I want to give you something you can occupy yourself with.

I want to point out something I tried to point out some weeks back. The acceptance use of Null Byte has in no way been used in an acceptance matter. At least not in my opinion. Since I posted the article, it has only rised with articles that requires few google searches, and im sorry to say this, but to everybody who posts articles that are VERY easy to solve yourself, you are not proper material for becoming a hacker, and you should ask yourself if you have what it takes, because those small issues you are encountering now will become more and more complex, and the solutions cant sometimes be found on the internet, and you will then have to learn about the software you are having issues with in order to solve the problem.

I hope you will take this into consideration and put some effort into this problem, because it is only growing and I hate to come on Null Byte now because I know there are now pages with newbie questions, and quite frankly I am not very motivated to answer them because not only have I answered them before, but you would know that if you just searched in null byte for your problem, a different post would come up from a different newbie looking for help, but that requires to put in effort.


This is not meant to come off in an aggressive way, only an enlightening, because now the year is ending, and I truly hope we will all realize this issue and solve it together, because it has only grown.

Now I am ending this article with a happy new year from Typo, and next time you see Typo it will likely be in 2016. Also Merry Christmas even though it was yesterday, and maybe 2 days ago for some of you.

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