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As you probably know, CUPP is a great tool for creating wordlists based on personal info about a target. However, sometimes it may miss the password, even with the right infos, just because it didn't make the correct combination. For example, I tried with my sister, whose password was her pet's name + her birthday day + her husband birthday day. Such combination is not implemented in CUPP.

Then I decided to add few things on it like that. Another example I've implemented: a function that turns the month of the birthday to text, e.g. 19092015, turns to 19September2015. So, I want your valuable opinion about this, your ideas which would better CUPP.

Thank you for reading!

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to create valid password,i think it should use analyzer,like lucene. when we type some information, it could intelligent help us make ,cupp did it fool

i think it should also ask info about siblings. i figured out a lot of people use the name and the birthday of a younger brother/sister.


make sure to publish your revised CUPP to us, i would love to have a more improved version of CUPP.

maybe favourite websites or usernames of games should be added too.


Right, I will post it. And maybe favorite bands as well. I just have to be careful to not oversize the output, adding much information.

i'd say favourite bands too.


I agree with the translating birth month. I know several people that do this. Also, it would be nice omit using the entire DOB (ie. name04121999) I can't imagine someone using that. It just is way too annoying for someone to type IMO. And if it's annoying for the person to type, they probably won't use it. But maybe I'm wrong...

Picking a range of random characters/numbers at the end would be nice as well instead of CUPP's default of 1-8 that it seems to be.

Also, it would be nice to have a verbose option that creates a bigger list that combines custom words with dox info and does leet in combination.

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