Forum Thread: What's the Best Hacking OS?

I've recently gotten more and more involved with Anonymous, and I thought about switching from Kali (*gasp*) to something like Anonymous OS or Tails. I've been looking through them, and it seems that Tails has max security, but Anonymous OS has automated encryption and built-in hacking tools. Now, I'm not saying that Kali is not my favorite, but I want to expand my limits to something a bit more exotic.

  • Anonymous OS is based off of OpenBSD
  • Tails is based off of Debian

I'm leaning towards Tails, however it automatically sends packets through the ToR network. I said this before, and I'll say it again: I'm not really confident in using ToR anymore.

Anonymous OS


Maybe you guys could help me out here, and I would love thorough feedback and opinions.


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Tails is said to be Snowden's OS.

man the best OS depends on what you actually want and popular one among hackers is Kali Linux.. but i prefer making your own on cloud and to start you can navigate to the link it's a tutorial on installing metasploit and SET on a VPS.

Install SET and Metasploit on a Linux VPS

You mention OpenBSD above, why don't you try and familiarize yourself with a FreeBSD droplet on digital ocean. Costs less than $5 per month.. Have a look:

Also good backbox linux, an alternative to Kali Linux. I use that and have no issues.

Best of luck.

Is there a 64 bit version of Tails OS available somewhere ?
I couldn't find it on the official website ?

It actually detects 32 or 64 bit at install and will install on both to my knowledge.

isnt there away to route kali linux traffic through a vpn or tor i no how to install tor on kali and use proxychains but i dont no how to make all of my traffic like scan or using tools to go through a proxy or a vpn

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