Forum Thread: What's the Best Way to Learn JavaScript?

I've recently seen a GitHub's graph on what's the most popular languages for coding (and therefore, the one that has the most job offers that require it), and I'm wondering what's the best book to follow in order to learn JavaScript.

I want to finish "Learn Python The Hard Way" first, and I'm actually trying to get some concepts on my mind using Anki to better memorize them (I wish I had that program on my high school years).

But... I want to get a work on programming if I can, too.

I had an accident some months ago, and I'll be unable to walk for several months, maybe one more year. I'll be using crutches soon, and because of that, I may have a hard time finding a job on something that's not so popular. I'll resign to work as a Help Desk again, otherwise.

Any suggestions?

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If you haven't already done it, Codecademy has a whole course on it. Just remember that JavaScript is for webpage building, but can be used maliciously (take BeEF's "hook.js" for example).

Yey, malicious use! (I have yet to know what the heck BeEf does, but I'm prioritizing Wireshark and then I'll do Metasploit)

I started learning javascript about a year ago on codecademy. It's a thorough course but it was just simple "projects".

After I got a grasp on the basics, I used CoderByte to challenge myself using javascript thus increasing my fluency in the language. Hope this helps!

Thanks for CoderByte, I'll try it out after Codecademy :)

In my opinion, I think Codeacademy isnt the best. I mean, it has a very simple and interactive method of teaching you how to code, but it doesnt really help the student understand the fundamentals of computers such as machine code, what compilers/interpreters are, etc. It is still very innovative idea, but is probably more designated for kids.

I think I know what a compiler and interpreter is.

Compiler: Translates code (usually low level such as C) into machine code (ones and zeros)

Interpreter: Computer program that takes commands or scripts and executes it. Linux console in BASH, DOS, and Powershell being the most widely used. Python has an interpreter for it's own code as well.

Is machine code and a compiler reequired for JavaScript? I thought it was a high-level programming language, or a scripting one, oriented to web objects. I think HTML, CSS and PHP (and maybe SQL) would be more helpful in that area...

Hope you can be happy before the accident,Kitten.
Sorry for no useful information.
God bless you and the person you love.
Sorry again.

Oh, I am happy, I have a beautiful loving girlfriend and lots of free time in my hands.
Thanks for the support :)

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