Forum Thread: What's the best wifi adapter with good range under 2K?

I live in India near Kolkata .which is the best wifi adapter for packet injection(hacking) under Rs.2K with detachable antenna.I have read earlier posts but some are costly or not available here.please help.I am new to hacking.

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So most commonly used and what seems to be one of the best wifi adapters is the / Alfa adapter however that is more than Rs.2k, from what i have gathered the next best is the / Tplink adapter, I personally use it and I have no complaints aside from the power of it's tx is 20 (i think), but other wise it seems like the 2nd most used.

The tplink one is 799 rs.

Is this a plug and play device?Does it have a RJ45 port?Sorry,I didn't mention it before.I have cable broadband and want to use internet in my mobile also.Thanks!

Tplink is a plug and play i would guess the Alpha is too, and no it has a usb port.

Then to what is it connected to share internet?Can you please tell me which adapter(or router) will serve my purpose of hacking and gets connected to cable broadband(RJ45)?

Charli Sir,I am eagerly waiting for ur response.

Sorry I have been busy, okay so let me get some things clear you have a router, as in you have wifi at your place, or you use an ethernet cable?

Sir,I have only Ethernet cable and no router.I do use internet currently in pc only.

Okay, so the tp link adapter will work as a wireless card once plugged into the kali machine i don't have my kali withe me right now, but basically when you plug the adapter in you will go to the internet list and you will see a new wireless device and from there on when packet injecting you use wlan1 or wlan0 depending on where your device has been assigned. So in a short answer buy the tp link plug it in to your usb and trust me it will work with packet injection :). Sorry for slow replies i have exams at the moment :/

Sorry to disturb u during ur exams . Thank u sir.

Is there not any adapter which has rj45 port.m asking this because if I buy the one suggested by u then I hv to turn on the computer each time I want to use net on my mobile through Wi-Fi.

I bought Tenda w309r+ router which has broadcom chipset.I have read earlier here that Broadcom chipsets are supported with aircrack-ng suite.Is my router capable of packet injection and hacking exploits? How can I check all these ?Please help!

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