What's Better to Use: Debian or Ubuntu?

Any thoughts about using these OS as alternative Kali Linux?

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If you want to do hacking, I suggest you use Kali. It's built on Debian. BackTrack was built on Ubuntu and for a number of reasons, they chose to abandon it for Debian.

Backtrack is based on Ubuntu
Ubuntu is based on Debian
Kali is based on Debian

With Kali, you esentially have a modified Debian, and most of the tools used here in NullByte built-in. You can add Debian Wheezy repositories if you feel something is missing, or tweak it to look more friendly for everyday use (as I've personally done).

Hi all brand noob here, great site.

I installed Ubuntu 14.04 last night (wiping windows7 on my laptop) and was just getting used to using the terminals. Then it updated to Ubuntu 15 and the terminals are all gone and its like being on a mac/windows hybrid. But im seeing that i should maybe keep it this way and install kali in a VM perhaps? Any ideas?

Very new to using hack tools but learn kinda quick, especially thanks to nu-byte! also an audio engineering student, so i get basic code and schematics. Cheers nice to meet all.

If you have a fresh clean install, why not make it with Kali instead?

I use Ubuntu 15.04 for daily purpose and you just can search in the toolbar for the terminal or you press STRG+ALT+T to open a terminal that you can pin like in windows on the toolbar so its present like in older Ubuntu versions or Debian.

For Hacking its gonna be the best if you install a Hacking-Distro like
Kali-Debian or my Favorite Bugtraq 2 Black Widow based on Ubuntu 12.04.

The best way is to install a Multi-Boot system, so if you shoot your Linux distro by learning Hacking (like me) you can make easy a new install-usb stick with your linux otherwise you will need a second computer to do this. I did this:

Win7 200GB : only to play some games and test programms
Bugtraq 2 150GB : to learn Hacking
Kali 100GB : to look whats going wrong if its not working in Bugtraq 2 xD
Ubuntu 15.04 150GB for daily purpose

Btw.: if you take Bugtraq 2 with no Linux skills, you got a hard time before you. I speak from experience :D

Hope this helps

I don't know too much about Ubuntu, but running Kali on a VM should work. It would allow you try practice hacking inside your own computer. I don't know much about setting up VMs either.. there's a few how-tos here on null-byte on how to, if you need them.

Debian is better. It's as simple as that.

hi all thanks for your responses, i didn't put kali on as full install cuz i didn't know i could at the time lmao. Im thinking about it tho, but i kinda need a system that converges an OS that i know with one i can get used to, im DL kali now actually, and will look more into it then just run it straight out as im learning more about alot of things at the moment.

As its on my laptop, i need something that still has office suites etc while i study, so the Ubuntu hybrid system is starting to work out as i learn it. just nice to have a different system to look at at the moment. lol

cheers all!

Just add Debian Wheezy repos and get LibreOffice (or Inkscape, or GIMP, or whatever free software you need) :)

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