Forum Thread: When Did They Register

Is it possible to tell when a certain gmail account was set up? If so it would help me narrow down the email address of someone I am stalking. Thank you

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Sweety, no means no.

Isn't it interesting how small differences in language can produce such large differences in the response you get. Had you perhaps used "investigating" instead of "stalking" you may have received some assistance. As it is, stalking people is normally viewed as a somewhat unpleasant behaviour. -1.

I thought by saying I was "stalking" someone you guys would realize I was joking. I guess no one here has a sense of humor. So anyways does anyone know the answer to this?

Sorry. You came off as one of the "help me hack my boyfriend" requests that usually pop up once a week.

I mean you could probably use some kind of psychology or such to determine it.

Like is probably old while is newer.

I'm not really an expert on anything related to e-mails, but I guess there might be a way.

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