Forum Thread: Where Can I Find Full Version of Havij Latest Version (Pro V.)

Where Can I Find Full Version of Havij Latest Version (Pro V.)

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actually a lot of cracked havij are backdoored,so stop using the easiest way to inject sql and learn manually method


I'm speaking from experience that Havij is the biggest piece of crap ever. Don't even bother messing with it. Use sqlmap. Both ask you to input the same information (the vulnerable URL) and that's pretty much all you need. Sqlmap has a --wizzard switch which will walk a brand new user through the entire process. It's a very easy tool. Check it out on github; it's available for both kali and windows.

If you're using windows, you need to download python first. Download 2.7.10 from here:

Of course you can also do it manually, however for large databases sqlmap is necessary. It's not logical quite frankly to do it manually when you're dealing with dozens of databases and possibly hundreds of users. I came across a site that had over 200 frickin databases! Took me like 3 days to get a list of names for em--even with using sqlmap--because it was time based blind. Any difficulties, you can ask me.

is it command line tool?

thanks shadow , and STAFFBYTE almost every cracked havij version are infected ..

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