Forum Thread: Where Can I Found Hashes.

hey i saw this video and wanted to try it yourself. everything was successful except hacking a wifi because I do it on my own router. so I do not have to crack it. he may login with psexec encrypt the hashes. Now my question is how do I get the hashes.

this is the vid:

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so if you have seen the video you see hy's have cracked hashes whit john the ripper on 1:16
and so he gets the password but my question now is how to get the hashes

I suppose he sniffed the network to get the hash.

If you see a few seconds before (around 1:00) he ran 'responder -i <his ip addr>' so I would suggest to look for that responder python script.

This video is not a tutorial, and shouldn't be treated as one, he just shows what you can do with hacking (and a little bit of social engineering) but cuts out all the waiting, injecting beef and probably lots of other stuff as well.

bart i know but its really intesting so i really want to know how its works

i get a error about auxiliary failed rex bind failed http

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