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Hello fellas i'm wondering how everyone from you decide to start with kali linux ... what was the thing that motivate you ? :) it will be interesting to see !

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It all started when I got bored one day and decided to learn Python. I ran into an error and had to look up some help. I ran into an article here and really liked what I saw, so I kept reading and reading, at that point I was hooked.


I started by watching movies and thought it looked cool. I started looking into it and fell in love. I started watching youtube videos and cookbooks. Found a lot of snippets of code that I wish I understood beter, so I stopped looking at cookbooks and started understand how security works. Started to learn programming. Started learning networking. These 3 things consume my life now.


It started out with me messing around with my old laptop I used some time ago, bored as I was, I found out ways to entertain myself by turning off my brothers computer from my laptop on the same network. Using the Command Prompt or Terminal in Windows. After becoming curious about what else I could do with that laptop, I began researching. I first learned MS-DOS or how to exploit Batch code because I was already a bit familiar with it after experimenting. I then moved right to C# and C++ which was a challenge and I failed many times. But I got to create little playful and harmless viruses. So I researched tutorials on the Python language and found Null-Byte. That's when I learned about the Backtrack OS , Networking, Social Engineering, Security, and finally discovered the Kali Linux OS through a tutorial. I've been hooked to Null-Byte and Kali Linux ever since.


I was bored and liked computers . There was an assignment in school I didn't feel like doing so I started there with metasploit. You can probably infer the rest. Then I just wanted to mess with friends.

I was inspired by movies, thinking, "Let's add this to my list of skills and hobbies", and started it. Later, the difficulty grabbed my attention, which is practically greater than almost any other hobby or skill I have. When I saw that I fit most of the descriptions of what makes a hacker, ...

The rest is essentially a normal story.

-The Joker

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