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Hi everyone. I am trying to "learn" hacking for quite a while now. Actually I hate calling it hacking because it sounds so hollywood-skimaskandgloves-like. If you know what I mean.

Anyways, I am learning python, can handle the Windows OS(never touched Linux) pretty good and I can barely read an IP of UDP traffic with Wireshark. I want to go further, though, but I dont know where to start. I am told to learn Puby, Python and C, which I am trying, but what else small step can I do to go further?

I am sorry if there already is a post somewhere here, that answers that exact question, I havent found it.


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Personally I found OTW's series on wifi hacking a great place to start, just read through them and practice wifi password cracking, as its a relatively easy and safe exploit. It also manages to be mostly simple, and you'll likely not be too lost.

Also OTW stands for OccupyTheWeb, he's a really good poster and secretly my real daddy.

Take a look at my article "How to Use Null Byte to Study to Become a Professional Hacker". It will lead you step by step.

You should focus on networking as well. There are plenty of guides here on Nullbyte, but also on Youtube if you prefer watching videos. Personally I prefer to set challenges for myself, for example: Make a portscanner in python. Doing so will motivate you to start googling information you need and it will teach you a lot.

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