Forum Thread: Where Do I Start if I Want to Learn to Become an Ethical Hacker?

I'm BRAND new to this whole hacking thing and have been wanting to teach myself how to do it for some time now. The problem is I don't know where to start. I've searched the web to see if it'll give me at least a hint as to where to start and have seen that I need to learn to code first. Any help as to how I can tech myself to code? Any preferred coding programs, training programs, or places I can learn to code? Any help is deeply appreciated! Thank you.

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Hi there,

Fantastic, welcome to the club!

I have found Python to be a good language to learn as well as C++, you should also look up on how to use tools on Kali Linux (LEGALLY!!!!!).

I would recommend getting a Raspberry Pi and having fun with that, you can also try and hack into it as it is your own. But you should definitely watch videos on

how networks work, SQL, PhP, cryptography, port numbers, ICMP and whatever else you can find. The more you know before you use the tools, the easier it will be to become familiar with them.

To learn code you can try for C++, and for python

Hope this helps a bit,

Anonymous Helpdesk

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