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Hello All,

First i want to thank all of you for the information that is posted on here, i have learned so much and you guys are great. I have went over OTW article on proxychains a couple of times, and i still just cant seem to get them to work. I was hoping for some advise. Basically everytime proxychain trys to setup a chain it times out, it doesnt matter if the conf file is set for random,strict or dynamic. I have about 15 different ip addresses with port numbers in the conf file, is that enough? Is it timing out because the ip's are bad if so where is a good place to find usable anonymous socks proxies? for the record i have been pulling them off of here Thanks for any help and i apologize if i have not provided enough info.

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The admin never claimed the proxies were a honeypot. These proxies aren't owned by HMA. The danger of a honeypot is ALWAYS there, regardless of what list you use.


True, that was just a message of warning, as proxies listed are not run by them. And true, dangers of honeypot is always there, still, HMA won't hide your Ass. Not a service I would trust.

I never claimed their service is trustworthy, I just claimed that they have a big list of proxies.


I know, I know... it's just an information I wanted to add as maybe not everyone remembers this. And to make everyone remember to trust no one, when it comes to privacy.

Good point.


So Phoenix you do in fact think that it is the proxies i am trying to use that is the problem?

so Phoenix750 is there any way to detect honeypot in proxy's


the old saying "if it is too good to be true, it isn't" applies here.


If proxy is PASSIVE, there is no way to detect, as it will simply log your traffic and watch what you're doing.

If it's ACTIVE, you can spot it by setting up a static webpage you control. Every X time, you should retrieve the page both under a proxed and non-proxed connection. If the two pages don't match, you can then extract the difference and see if any malicious script is injected in the page.

This is more 'spotting malicious proxy' but honeypots are not always used by the good guys..

using tor is a bad idea to because its has been compromise


I have to dissent on this. Tor is still good ! It just depends on HOW you use it.

Most tor attacks come from a user's mistake, not the protocol's fault. Statistical analisys can deanonimize traffic under certain conditions, but it requires a lot of work and machines in the network. The more people is scared off tor, the more this scenario is likely. But still, they won't go after you if you don't give them a reason.

The NSA surely have enough time and machines to pull off an end-to-end attack.


Sure, but given the overwhelmnig work they have to do everyday, time and resources that must spend, they just can't target everyone. They already have high profile operations to carry on, I doubt that they'll go after small hacks.

So the question is: what am I doing so wrong to make myself a target ?

Don't get me wrong, I still support that paranoia is a virtue, but Tor is not so doomed like they want you to think.

We could also encourage more and more people to use tor,so that it is harder for the 'hunter' to target a 'random' person. :)

Yeah, promoting a good, safe, and mindful use of Tor will make the network stronger and survaillance harder.

just so we are clear the reason why proxychains is timing out is bad proxy servers?

Try first with a couple proxies with low ping

on a separate note isnt Tor's flaw who controls the end node in the chain? If so couldnt you tell it to use an end node from a country that you know wouldnt corroborate with the us?

That statement is false, depending on what you do. Like triphat said: it usually is the user's fault. The person who is in control of the exit node is in control of the traffic, but he can't view the source IP address. So if you are careful and don't ever use your real information when browsing with TOR, the webpages you visit can't be linked back to you.


That won't work. What prevents them to buy a server in every single country and install an exit node there ? Or compromise an existing one ? This way you don't have to ask for the information, you already own it.

I wouldn't use HMA if my life depended on it.

Tor on a single layer in any shape or form is a no go..

Where have you been, Cyber? I haven't seen you on here for quite some time, or am I just blind?


Might wanna get your eyes checked. ;-P I am always lurking.

I wasnt making a statement, i was asking a question.

Proxychains is timing out from bad/slow/dead proxies. Try all the same socks first like 4/5. Try with 2 or 3 then try and link a bunch but they live and die fast(proxies)

OTW wrote a fantastic tutorial on the exact subject you are looking to cover. You can find that here.

Some of the services that he lists on that tutorial are:
Hide My Ass
SamAir Security

Thanks everyone and thank you Camero i have read that article and forgot all about it. My primary goal when posting this was to make sure i was using proxychains right, which seems to be the case.

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