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Alright, so me and a friend decided to challenge ourselves to see who could hack into the other's computer faster. Whoever manages to (remotely) create a text document in the desktop wins. What I didn't forsee is that he would be using a dynamic dns service (possibly no-ip). I can't think of any way to find out his url or private IP, and couldn't really find any answers by searching the internet. Furthermore, social engineering is unlikely to work, since we both know that we are trying to get into each others's PC and will be cautious. So my question is, how can you conduct reconnaissance on a pc not on your same network, who is using a ddns service, without even knowing the IP or url, if doing that is even possible? (Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn't my first language :) )

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First, this is probably going to be hard. Even of you know his IP address, Hacking into a computer with just an IP address is difficult. He would need to be running a service though a port on the router AND that service must have a vulnerability with an exploit available. That's pretty rare. If it were simpler most computers would be hacked as random IP addresses are tested constantly for exploits.

So, next would be social engineering. This is where you have to get creative. As you said, it's going to be hard because you both know about each other.

I have an idea of how to trick him, but don't really want to tell you exactly how. You should figure it out yourself. I'll tell you it involves shortcutting a malicious file hidden in a directory with other files. Zipping the directory and sending him it. If it doesn't work, continue to think.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply, will look into your suggestion ;)

If I was in this situation I would've installed a backdoor BEFORE accepting the challenge. There is only one choice left RUBBER DUCKY!!

C'mon, there's almost no way you can do that... real life scenarios are very different from testing skiddie tutorials on a Vm. He know that you're trying to fuck his pc and unless your friend is a true idiot you can't do anything. New OS are patched for know exploit and i'm pretty sure he didn't have any door forwarded on his router or exploitable services on his machine.

You could try with emails but i doubt he will click on links, ignoring allert messages etc. You could try with some Mitm attack like Evil Twin etc but in 2017 also my grandmother know that shit and modern browser block and allert for all.

I doubt he'll let you enter his room so also rubber duck is useless.

You could hack his phone with a persistant backdoor and add a txt to his Google Drive or Dropbox app... if those services are synced on his pc well, you'll have your file on his pc... not a true hack but hey, the file will be there.

Anyway i think it's easier for you to force his door when he's out, power on his pc and leave that txt :D

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