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I'm new to this blog but I like too much the tutorials, but I have a question, I want to have a portable way to carry kali linux, I tried a chrome book but it is a little big, so I tried in a raspberry pi but its not the portability that I search, then I try to boot a kali Linux from android but I don't now how to make that, so please if you have another way or you now how to boot kali Linux from android please help.


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Just download Kali and extract the ISO to the root of a USB. Then plug it in to any computer, press the boot menu key when you start it up and select your usb.

Thanks for that but i thinking like in a portable way and not taking the computer to everyway, but thanks for that

Thanks for your answers but i was thinking a way without taking the big computer everywere like a small coputer or s linux tablet, but thanks

thanks but I'm thinking in something more economical

Any laptop really. I've never double booted before though. Would probably be best just putting it on to a usb then as long as you can access the boot menu u can use it

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