Forum Thread: Which Alfa Network Card?

Hi there,

There are few models, some with old technology, some with new tricks. I need card for wifi pentesting (so monitor mode, packet injecting, master mode etc.). It will be great t have 5ghz to, and stable connection. Good range is also important. What antenna do you suggest for that card?

thanks in advance

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Alfa AWUS036NHA would be my weapon of choice. Comes with a standard RP-SMA connected 5dBi antenna which you can upgrade to your liking.

What I find fascinating about this card is that it is able to work well with very low signals and the performance will not suffer majorly. It has no problems with injection and monitor mode, and being the AR9271 it is plug and play so there is no need to install drivers for the chip to function.

It may sound like I'm advertising this card, but really there isn't much wrong with it so I would get ahold of it if I were you.


Thanks, I was thinking about that :)

I have 3 of them, myself!

@TRT What's your opinion on the Alfa AWUS036NH?

From what I could gather from this forum thread,it doesn't seem to work very well even after making and patching the kernel,it doesn't work a while later.

Should I get this adapter? If not,I'll just get the one you recommend.

The AWUS036NH doesn't struggle with its RT3050 chipset which is natively supported by Kali Linux. The best supported though is the AR9271 chipset that comes with the AWUS036NHA. Another adapter worth mentioning is the AWUS036H that has the RTL8187L chipset and it works fine on Kali Linux. It has its occasional slips in performance, but overall it does what it's supposed to. I still stand by my recommendation.

Thanks for the response TRT,I'll take your word for it.

I do own one of these too. It works well, but I would recommend changing the antenna as its range doesn't do you any miracles like the AWUS036NHA does.

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