Forum Thread: Which ALFA Should I Buy?

I'm going to do a lot of wifi hacking with aircrack-ng, but I'm not sure which wireless adapter to get. I will get an alfa, but which version? I hear that AWUSO36NH will not work with aircrack-ng.

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Note that I am running a mac OS X 10.10.2 and I need everything to get it working on that machine.

It works on my MacBook Pro 2012. I tried it in Virtualbox and booting linux on Mac, but never actually tried to use it on Mac OSX

So can you link me to the good alfa? I also need it to work with aircrack-ng

I would get the 036H + 9dBi antenna. The alfa is 24$ and the antenna is 9.99 max. I never had 1 issue ever, the boost the 9+ will give is alot.

All you need is a card with a compatible chipset.

Macbooks, to the best of my knowledge, all use a broadcom chipset which is compatible.


Yes I need that but I also need to make sure it works with aircrack -ng. Do all of them work like that? Here's the one I was looking at.

The link I provided is the compatibility list for aircrack-ng.


I have not used that one . I know we have helped people to get it to work because it was not 100% PnP before and by before I mean weeks ago so you will maybe get the same issues, maybe(driver).

Can any of you link me to a working alfa card on amazon?

I see the 36NH is the first one but is that the one that any of you use? Is that what I need?

I'm running a mac OS X yosemite. So I think I'll get the NH since the drivers are more updated. Will this have any disadvantages?

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