Forum Thread: Which Apps to Install in My Lab?

Hi. Im setting up my lab with Windows XP so i can start testing what I learn from you guys.

So far I have installed flash, shockwave and office. Can you recommend other apps? I tried using metasploit search but there are SO many exploits and I am not really sure where to start :). Thanks.

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That's a good start, but maybe one of the old Adobe Readers. Also, Win XP has so many vulnerabilities that you don't really need any apps to exploit it.

Thanks for your reply. I should have probably guessed, since so many popped up in metasploit :).

Also. Hacking caught my interest some 15 years ago. I never got around learning until i stumbled upon this website. The guides you and the other contributers write, makes it really easy to learn, assuming one is willing to put in the time of course. Plus you all seem very helpful. So big thumbs up! Thanks again.

And now that I have you. Any apps you would recommend for Vista and/or 7? So I don't have to ask again when i move up :)

I'd recommend turning antivirus and firewall off if you didn't already do it

Thanks. I did that. Apparently that firewall left no ports open :).

I personally recommend using kali, since it has multiple tools and is designed for pentesting. Use VMware if you want to run Windows and Kali.

Check exploit-db for exploited apps.

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