Forum Thread: Which IP's Are Used in Payloads and Listener?


I am unsure about which IP i have to use in making payload .apk and which in msfconsole, I am trying the WAN attack. Tell me the difference.

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Your listener is always your local IP address for your Lhost. It would be something like You can also use as that will also direct to your local IP address. Your payload Lhost will be your public IP address.

You must then use port forwarding in your router so the payload knows where to send the traffic. Both your listener and your payload will use the same Lport.

You use your public IP address as LHOST while creating payload...... (You can know your public IP address by searching it on Google). But, during the msfconsole session, you use your private IP address (It can be known from ifconfig/ipconfig command on CLI). Plus, since you are conducting your attack over WAN, you need to port forward your router's port 80 & 443's traffic.

Best Of Luck.

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