Forum Thread: Which Kind of Hacks Are Traceable!?

hey guys
i want to know with kind of hack are traceable by goverment
for example hacking a client , site , or ....
and which one are dangerous?

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Well most things are traceable if you don't take the right precautions. Which would be but not limited to:
. A VPN that doesn't keep logs (Cyberghost)

. Tor (However there seems to be some vulnerabilities. There is a new tor like browser that isn't built for the military like tor was that is soon to come out but I can't remember the name)

. Depending on who you're attacking, you should use proxy chains
. Use an extension called HTTPS Everywhere
. Delete your cookies, search history etc

. Again, depending on who you are hacking (e.g gov/police/security or any other big websites) do not use your home internet, go to a McDonalds or somewhere (not a hotel as they can easily ask the staff if you have been there)

. If you're signing up for anything use guerrilla mail
. Also make sure you're using a VPN when emailing, people can find the IP
. It also might be worth spoofing your mac address
. You might wanna encrypt your data if you think you would get caught
. Use vmware/vbox

. Install adblock (ads keep your IP to identify you and track the sites you go on to get better knowledge on what you like

. Test if you are vulnerable to DNS leak
. Open files when you're not connected to the internet

As for which is dangerous, hacking big sites is probably most dangerous, which I wouldn't recommend if you aren't an extremely good hacker (not to mention you probably won't be able to hack them).

If you're hacking small sites then a vpn and tor should do the trick really

thanks for guiding
so client hacking isnt dang!?
i mean using payload, venom and this stuff on other clients
govrment dosnt trace me? !! haha

Well unless you're hacking a very important person the government probably won't be on your ass. People can still trace your ip if they have a virus so make sure to use a vpn and use veil evasion so they don't find out they've got a virus.

Very informative indeed, bookmarked for further future research... Oh and 1+ Kudo... Keep up the good work

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