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hi, guys
I am not new here but i just signed up. I love this place!
I have been going through many articles here and they are really good.

I have been learning python for a few months now and i'm really enjoying it. But now i want to learn another one, what language should i go for? i have some basic knowledge of C++, so should i work on that? or should i learn perl/ruby? I want to make RAT and botnet.

Also is there any place where i can learn to apply python for some serious level hacking?
Too many questions in my mind right now but i'll just start with this one.

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Welcome, Dragon Slayer!

Due to the expansive amount of third party libraries available for python, it is a very powerful language. As for some serious level hacking, such as exploits, they aren't usually written in python. If you are interested in hacking with python, you might take a look at the book 'Violent Python'!

Also, welcome to Null-Byte!


it really depends on your direction, but I agree with phoenix, for your purpose I would definitely go with c++ since you can code your own rat which will automatically make it undetected to AVs

There is a good book Blackhat Python. And apart from my and Defalt's suggestion, there are doomed to be more resources.
I suggest you learn Perl, PHP, JS, SQL and Bash to begin with. Don't worry, they are not hard.

-The Joker

Yes, i read the post where someone talks about all the languages we can/should learn. I know a little of Bash, HTML&CSS but i'm afraid the list of programming languages is too damn long.

I was thinking of mastering C++ and python first. till now i have found python to be almost useless for hacking hence my decision to learn c++.

I went through 'violent python' and I think python is a no-no for hardcore hacking even with the vast libraries. Still, i think a lot is there to learn and explore.

But someone suggested to go for java instead. anyone know the pro and cons of C++?

I don't think i want to learn perl and ruby right now as i'm not looking to write my own exploits(for metasploit) right now.

what can i do with PHP, SQL, and JS?

Firstly, I don't think Python is useless for hacking. Some reasons:

  • It's really easy to write basic fuzzing scripts
  • regex is easily implemented
  • Networking libraries make working with sockets easier than C++

That being said C++ is definitely a good language to learn. As for PHP, SQL and JS: PHP and SQL are backend languages while JS is client side.

Continue learning Python as a future hacker you would want a specific programming language to become second nature so continue and develop your skills with Python theres always more to learn and improve on and you could even start making projects.

Also if you belive your at the stage where your an intermediate level in Python you could multitask two languages but i advised to make one programming language appear second nature first.

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