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Hi mates! I know that this is very popular topic and I can find many answers on google, but I want to know your opinion.

BTW: Sorry for my English, I am not natural speaker. I hope you will understand :D.

I am 17 and I have MAC OS X. That means that I am little bit familiar with all those commands in terminal. I have some basics of C (I have ended with pointers - including them) and Python (OOP-not yet). I want to buy myself a Raspberry PI 3 and start learning Linux from scratch. Before moving to Kali Linux or other distributions for OG users I want to choose something familiar, but not too much. I want to use my terminal most of the time (because you know, best way how to learn is practice). That means that probably not Ubuntu. But I am not familiar at all with all other distributions of Linux among the internet. Can you help me?

I will be glad for every reaction on my post.

Can you please also rate my English? From 0 to 10. 10 is best. Thank you so much.

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Since Kali is based on Debian, it would be good to start with that, or maybe even Ubuntu :/

Hope I could help.

I'm 17 years too, I started with Ubuntu back when I was 6, and I think it is a great distro, bc you can use it as newb as well as as pro. Kali is also nice for an intro to Linux, on the pro side it already brings the pentest-tools you need.

Conclusion: For you as a Mac User I'd recommend Ubuntu or another Debian-based distro (Like KNOPPIX) since it is really nice to start learning with these.

Have fun

If you master the terminal, you'll be completely ready for Kali. Ubuntu is very user-friendly, but like any Linux distribution, can be controlled from a terminal.

Well... if you are planning to use Kali later on, I suggest you use Debian based systems like the others above say. If you are willing to use penetration testing OS, I suppose you may as well as so try Parrot OS.

Thanks guys. I will try Raspbian and Kali probably since I will run my OS on RPI3

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