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Hi guys, I am technically not new to the forum but have been lurking and reading some of the tutorials present. I want to become a more active member of this immensely beneficial community. My background I work as a network engineer, even though I still see myself as a beginner. I want to become more knowledgeable in terms of IT Security. To reach that goal I know it is required for me to become more proficient in linux terminal and linux scripting, So which OS would you advise for me to install on my desktop to play with? should I go straight in and install Kali Linux or perhaps start off with something else like ubuntu or cent OS ?

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I believe that question is debatable. You can install Ubuntu to get basic knowledge in linux, and you can also install few pentest apps (nmap,msfconsole,burpsite,beef...etc). In meantime you can read some books. You can also install Kali, which is debian based, and have same commands as Ubuntu. It is only your choice. On both you can learn basic scripting(bash,python,ruby), linux in general and have fun. Everything is on you. Cheers !

Thank you very much, Ill have a go at installing Kali Linux and see how it goes.

Nice choice, you will be happy with Kali !

Go with Kali Linux, dive right in.

Kali and dive right in, if you're going to admin stuff go centOS because most reasonable business will operate on redhat or centOS.

Most linux OSs can run live, so you can download them and write them to usb image writer to a usb stick and try as many different distros you would like. Then when you find one that you like, install it and tweak it and have fun my friend! About 10 months ago i was running all Microsoft Windows on everything, now I run Mint 18 Cinnamon on my laptops and desktop and havent looked back. Has it been easy, noooooooo, but it has been a great learning experience that i have retained. Good Luck!!

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