Forum Thread: Which Pentesting OS Is the Best?

So i would like your opinion on this...

Which pentesting OS is the best?

I have toyed around with kali and backbox (and just a little bit with parrot os) and i don't know which one is better,i would use them all but i cant due to my crappy laptop so i can only choose one!

EDIT: If you had to choose one, which one would it be?

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Honestly, (and this is just my opinion) don't use any. I prefer to use arch linux because unlike kali it can be used as an actual daily OS with some pentesting features if you install them. But if i had to choose i would go with backbox. But like my friend said "using a pentesting distro is like sleeping in your car".

Thank you for your time!

also nice name,i like it!

There's no best OS... It depends on you, which GUI you liked and which Distro you felt comfortable with... And why would you even use all of them if you could, only one or two will be a good choice and will let you do what you want.

Remember they are all linux you can always install your packages. And some people want to use windows too, You can read more articles and try for your self.

As for my opinion I like ParrotOS and Kali because I already had great experience with those two :)

I totally understand what you're saying but if you had to choose one, which one would it be?

for Pentesting absolutely Kali, I just think it's the right one for me, But for everyday use I would go with Arch.

Kali. You use Kali. It is the standard and also the OS used in the tutorials you'll find on this website.

Personally, i prefer the Roll-your-own approach. Generally i use either Debian or Arch. Debian in my desktops, Arch in my laptops.

I think Kali is WAY over bloated and comes with hundreds of tools i will likely never use. And almost all of the tools are probably in the repositories of whatever flavor you choose.

Try either Kali or Parrot. Kali has better and more tutorials, whereas Parrot has better functionality, since it's new.

-The Joker

In my, admittedly limited experience, I find Kali absolutely great for pentesting. However, I run it from a live USB and have a different Linux OS for my day-to-day existence. I would be unlikely to use Kali if it were the only distro I could use.

Try out Parrot , it's light weight and a very good Pen testing operating system. Although Parrot is more on the Covering tracks , being anonymous and cryptography side of things , it still has all the pen testing tools you'l need unless you make your own.. Anyway I highly suggest this OS.

Kali is by far the most popular so you might want to use it just so everyone here has a kind of "standard" for their OS.

I've heard of BlackArch and Cyborg, as well as Parrot.

I'll try a few of them out but it boils down to what you want to do.

Install a Linux distro that you like and add the tools to them as you need.

Each pen testing distro has a different outfit of tools. Some of them are outfitted for a specific purpose such as wifi cracking. But if you are not sure which one to use, just select one out of a few popular distributions. You may also install/uninstall tools to fit your specific needs.

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