Forum Thread: Which VM Software to Use?

I installed Kali Rolling on my desktop PC just for testing.

I downloaded VBox and tried to install it using gdebi.It always worked on Kali Moto and Kali Sana.But when I try to install it now it just displays error about libssl missing or something even though I have it.Since VMWare is paid software do not recommend it.I'm looking for free software.Possibly open-source.

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Just switch to "Virtualbox" from Oracle.
It's free, open-source and works a lot better than VMware imo ;)

Dude... Read the post I cant install Vbox its giving me trouble

What errors and troubles is it giving you?

Oh, sry, I over read Vbox.

Is python-libs installed?

About a dependecy libssl1. 0.0 ill try with the py libs

i use virtual machine.. older version( version 6.0-32bit) coz later version are meant for 62 bit os.. its simple n easy.. and free..

Nevermind i fixed it! I just added the Kali Sana repos to the sources.list
then apt-get update :)

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