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Greetings security enthusiasts, for the longest time I have been pondering what I could write about. While most of you know how to act, some of the newcomers could use a few pointers.

First off, Null Byte is a white hat environment. We bring up security issues, discussing purely hypothetical intrusions, and occasionally help out a lost soul who has technical difficulties with their computer.

Too many times I've seen someone post "How to hack my gf?" or "I need to get revenge" and while they may not care for our ways, it is a perfect example of how not to act.

Online etiquette is essential for a variety of reasons:

  • If you come to a forum for help but all you do is flame others, no one will take you seriously or give you aid, leaving you isolated and in the dark.
  • Everything you do can be monitored. You don't want your employer finding out that you go around hating on them, do you?
  • Acting mature is just better for you all around. There are no downsides to being collected and in control of your emotions. Your behavior online will translate over to the real world and that will be fairly apparent soon enough.

There are a dozen "newbie" guides here, so I'm not going to talk about what you can do to distinguish yourself from the cliche behaviors of a script kiddie, but I will provide a few examples of how you SHOULD act.

This is one of best examples I have ever seen of how to ask a question respectfully and knowledgeably:

She provides information about what she is doing, shows screenshots, and politely asks for guidance.

Now here is what not to do:

There are better examples but they have been deleted, such as the pretty humorous "HOW DO I HACK A BANK??" question a while back. Many people have no idea what they are doing and end up asking questions in a wrong way, or seek help performing unethical actions.

Null-Byte has been pretty mixed in terms of responding to these posts. Some users help them out and cite that they too were once script kiddies, but others are harsh and give their brutal opinions.

This thread has strayed a bit from actual hacking ethics and into null byte ethics, but both are important here. Any constructive criticism is appreciated, as always. Next week I will be releasing a unique new series that will probably get mixed feedback, but that's a worry for another day.

~the ripper strikes again

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3 Responses

I'd recommend as a starting resource, mostly because they have the best offline app to learn hacking that I've found, and the tutorials are pretty basic and easy to understand.



Purely theoretical situations are cool and all but it's much more fun and rewarding performing the actual attacks. Being malicious applies to both sides of the war. Having the ability to familiarize yourself with the natural routine of the enemy (as a white hat) proactively to place appropriate preventative measures. It's a thrilling and adrenaline-rushed experience and we all get that giddy feeling when we break something; there's a little black hat in all of us.

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