Forum Thread: Who Are Best People to Follow on Null-Byte?

I know this is little wired but, following best ethical people will also help us (beginners) toward ethical way and it also help to learn hacking/ pentesting faster.

So please, if you know best guys of null-byte please mention their name.
Thank you.

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It depends, There are a lot of good guys here, with some serious and interesting topics to read that actually teach you a lot.

I do not wanna mention any name's because I'm afraid i will forget a name or two. Tho if you want to find good topics just check the amount of Kudos on it, normally that is a sign if it's good or not:)

But that doesn't mean that topic's with lower kudos are bad. They aren't just so flavored or viewed that much.

Just search for the subject that interests you the most and i am sure that you will find a good teacher which you want to follow :)


That's great idea bro. Thank you

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