Forum Thread: Who Is TypoGuy? Let Me Tell You!

TypoGuy? I'd like to introduce myself because I like this community.

Who Am I?

I am a grey hat hacker if I would have to put myself in one of the 3 categories of ; black hat, white hat and grey hat.

All though grey hat sometimes do unethical hacks, it is not as serious as black hat if I say so myself. My intentions though are always ethical, and I do not intend to hurt or harm anyone.

However, I do think you should have some fun since hacking is truly an art in my eyes.

Why I'm Here:

I'm simply here because I like how in this community you can put out your work and if you have the skill then you will get recognition and people will comment on your articles, and give you positive criticism.

That is not what you see many places.

And because I want to pass on what I know since I have trouble finding out where I obtained the knowledge I have right now, and since it is very useful information and stuff I have seen and learned it shouldn't go to waste.

What Can I Do?

I am no where near expert. But I have 'studied' sorta say, hacking for over a year so I have a lot of knowledge and know a lot of things. Plus what I know expands a lot in different areas when it comes to hacking related things.

I don't want to say wether or not I have cracked people or companies or whatever, since every hacker should never reveal his secrets. Just like a magician never reveal his tricks.

  • I Enjoy Reconnaissance & Anonymity

What I mean by this is, many hackers/amateurs just like to crack things, but if you ask any real hacker, they will say they love doing reconnaissance and perhaps also covering their tracks because to me that is truly where your hack becomes an art. Nobody knowing what you did and how you did it. I love re-searching about my target before hitting it, it's like a prying fox right before he attacks.

I also enjoy the many ways you can be anonymous, and again to me being anonymous is indeed an art. Nobody knows how you stay anonymous. Especially the top top hackers who have done very big hacks that has caught FBI's NSA and so on attention, which means they are tracking those hackers down but with no luck, because the hackers have an art for staying anonymous. Man that is so sexy.

Ask Me:

If you have a question you need answered then don't be afraid to shoot me a PM or a comment on my articles as I post more in the future. I am just like you learning, but also have information that you might or might not be aware of. And vice versa for that matter.

  • TypoGuy

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10 Responses

Welcome TypoGuy!

We appreciate your contributions to Null Byte!

Thanks for the welcome! and of course, thats what its about.

I completely agree that hacking is an art!


Welcome TypoGuy!

Welcome squire. I share your passion for recon and anonymity, particularly the latter. To my mind if you cannot be anonymous whilst hacking then don't do it.

Nice to have you on board :D
I will definitely ask you some questions :D
Because knowledge is power :D


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