Forum Thread: Why Elliot Needs to "Wipe Out"?

I hope you're all done with mr.robot season 1. So am I. But one thing still I don't know why Elliot needs to wipe out? In episode 1, Elliot hacks Tyrell Wellick's accounts and he afraid's that Tyrell let him hack, So he disconnected all Ethernet, power cables and took out RAM's and he burned up with microwave!..So my question is why he need to do that?

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I dont exactly know, but he made a big hack and if the FBI knew they could search his computers and stuff and afaik some data stays in the ram ( there's a ram cleaning mode on ParrotOS) but yeah thats why

(Maybe the) First rule in hacking: Always have a self-destruct button. In case cops, feds, Interpol somehow managed to seize your machines, destroying its HDD, RAM, blah blah blah will prevent them from forensic recovery, which also prevent them from acusing you for cybercriminal activity

Agreed. Although an expensive habit, I suppose time spent in jail is worth buying the extra ram

Pandora's Box cleans your ram without destroying it. i think Elliot microwaving his RAM was unecessary, but not for his HDD.


Will have to look into this. Don't think I need to toss my HD quite yet though.

I mentioned it in my first article of my ParrotSec series and i will cover it more later in said series.


Basically same as i said but i didnt mention the hard drive and other stuffs, Well i remember in parrot there is a full stealth mode, That cleans the ram after you're done and doesnt use the hdd at all

it's called forensic mode. Kali has it too.


Can i access it, when am already booted in?

don't think so.


Alright Phoenix, thanks for the info's anyways

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