Forum Thread: Wi-Fi Adapter or PCI Wi-Fi Card for Desktop PC (For Hacking Purpose)

Hello Guys,

This is my first post so pardon me if i'm breaking any rules or hurtin' someone's ego by posting a question here.

I read an article about wifi adapters for hacking purpose and in that Alfa AWUS036NH was recommended. (that was 9 months ago). Things pretty much changed with new cards and new bands. So from hardcore point of view, is it still recommended as best card for hacking through Kali or any other distro (parrot)? Also, i'm in bias about modifyin' my rig with wifi adaptors, should I go for wireless or pci card? If wifi, why and if pci, why.

Also, i'm thinkin' about below options: 1. If Alfa AWUS036NH is still the monopoly then I will buy. If not, please recommend one. 2. Additionally I'm willing to invest in pci card or wifi adapter (miniature ones) which are cheap. Your comments and suggestions would supplement this. 3. If you recommend PCI over wireless adapter, please recommend one.

I did my research and really wanted your opinions to come to a conclusion before investing.

Thank You.

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