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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to practice a DoS attack on my home network and I'm running into a number of problems. My question really is more about how my setup seems to work than anything else because when I connect I have the essid of my router which is something like "MyWiFi4d-5G" but I also have another connection available that is something like "13RR8J_V4". I'm assuming this is my modem? Both connections take the same password and when I scan for them they both will have the same MAC address although they don't appear at the same time.

So whats going on here with my setup? Thought about calling my ISP but I don't want to be questioned about what I'm doing legally in my own home for my own educational purposes. When I try the DoS attack it fails because if I attack the one connection my devices just switch to the other. I'm confused because both connections use the same MAC.

Thanks for the help, this noob appreciates it!

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Please provide more information. How are you performing this attack? What tools are you using? Which devices are involved? What is the result when you type iwlist wlan0 scan in the Terminal app? (replace wlan0 with whichever network interface you are using)

Once you answer all of these questions it will be much easier to help you out. We need to get the full picture and understand the situation before trying to explain anything.


Running iwlist wlan0 scan actually showed that the MACs are not the same my apologies. The last letter for one is A and the other is B that's the only difference and I didn't realize this until using iwlist wlan0 scan and comparing the two. I'm sorry I'm still learning. Is it possible to connect to my modem without my router? I'm sorry I know very little about wireless devices and I am trying my best to learn. My ISP told me that I would have a 3G and a 5G option for wifi and I have never seen the 3G essid appear but this "13RR8J_V4" appears with the same password as "MyWiFi4d-5G" and I assumed this was just my modem. I'm following this tutorial for the attack:

Here's what I'm typing in:

airmon-ng start wlan0
airodump-ng wlan0mon
airmon-ng stop wlan0
iwconfig wlan0 channel 11
aireplay --deauth 1000 -a <targetMAC> -h <myMAC>

I think I realize what's going on now. Since I'm kicking my devices off of one they are just connecting to the other. I realize that after seeing that the MACs are not actually the same. So where is "13RR8J_V4" coming from?

From what I understand, you have a router (MyWiFi4d-5G) and a portable modem (13RR8J_V4). You are trying to deauthenticate the router and, upon doing so, everyone gets disconnected from it, but then those devices connect to your portable modem.

If I understood everything correctly, I don't see it as a problem at all. Just turn off your modem for the time being and do your deauth tests. Once you are comfortable that you are achieving reasonable results, turn your modem back on. Or am I missing something?


Hi there it sounds like you have a dual band router so your router is broadcasting at 2 different frequencies usually 2.4ghz and 5ghz in the UK if I'm not mistaken which would explain the similar Mac addresses and passwords I'd say your best chance at a DoS attack would be to deauth both Mac addresses at the same time so run the attack in two terminals this should stop it automatically connecting to the other network hope this helps

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