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So lets go with this scenario.

You are in your school which is very new with most of the technology it owns. Your teacher's lesson for today happens to be saved on her google drive, which of course she needs internet access and a computer for. She pulls out her laptop and starts to pull up the information for that day. Lets say somehow we are running kali on our computer and happen to have an external WiFi USB adapter that isn't visible to her. We have her MAC address by seeing when she connects to the AP. We know that we can use a command such as

"aireplay-ng -0 0 -a (bssid) -c (client)"

to disconnect her. The only problem is that there is about 4 other AP's with different channels that her laptop can automatically connect to after we bump her off one network.

Is there any way that we can perhaps run a deauth command targeting only her laptop, but across many different AP's?

I believe you can open different tabs of terminal and send multiple deauth attacks for her MAC address on different AP's. But wouldn't the problem people have with "--ignore-negative-one" command and the different channels not allow this?

Thank you in advance :D

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I have not tried this, but here is what I think works. I would write a script that runs that command for each AP. It would rotate through each AP. That means that she actually might have time to connect to one AP briefly before the script comes around to that AP and bumps her off.

See my article on writing a script on DoSing an AP continuously.


Thanks for the very quick reply. I will try to write a script like this and use my sister as a victim >:D

While a slightly different approach you could also try an evil twin and just redirect her repeatedly. 9.5/10 people wont look at other connections if their current connection is working, but just wont log into their google drive, or redirects to that holiday planning site in their history, or the files just arent there when they go to use them.

Just type it and try.. its like 2 minutes right??

Hey SE7ENPEACE, this is a conceptual design for an attack vector. Your comment isn't particularly constructive.

I know it must feel like you can't win at the moment, but my suggestion would be to stop commenting and posting for a wee bit, and watch other peoples tones towards each other, you'll see that most people are helpful, not sarcastic.

Not singling you out at all, I'm going to be making the same post to everyone to try and combat the hostility that's going on around here because its getting silly.

Other members, it'd be great if no-one replied to my comment attacking SE7EN or downvoted his reply!!

No I was saying that the one hes attacking has at max 4 aps connected...
So he could just open 4 terminals and type em in.. thats his question right??

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