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I already succeeded in bruteforcing WPA but now I came across a wifi network that asked me to put in a username and a password. Is there anyone who can get me on the right track for hacking this?

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No, I mean just instead of filling in a password to acces the wifi network I have to fill in a username aswell.

If my guess is correct, then I believe you are referring to what's called a Captive Portal. It is something airports and hotels use for their Wi-Fi networks before you can actually use the internet. If that is the case, then you can brute force the username and password (be mindful that there is usually a timer for how long a captive portal will allow an unauthentic user to remain on the network). Or are you referring to something else?


I think he means as in like those WiFi networks where instead of just asking for a WiFi Password, it also asks for a Username.

I think you're talking about those WiFis where in places like Hotels, it'll connect you to the WiFi, but opens a website and asks for credentials before actually allowing you to use the WiFi.

As for his question, I have no idea sorry

Sorry I have looked into it and it's a wifi network with WPA2 and when I click on it it just connects but just before finishing it says Windows network verification--> I have to fill in a username and password.

Is it a corporate network? If so, it is likely to WPA2-Entrprise with a backend RADIUS server.

Is it possible to hack such a thing without a dictionary?

Social engineering, keylogging, MITM, I could go on...

you could just use a mac address that has already authenticated

STEP 1 airodump-ng
STEP 2 write down the macs of the clients that are connected to the network that you own

STEP 3 macchanger
STEP 4 Brag to all your friends about how 1337 you are


Hey, guys, I'm using kali Linux but I'm getting one problem. Please tell me how to hack Wi-Fi using kali Linux. I' using this guide.

Thank you in advance.

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