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Recently I've started to learn Python and as a beginner project I am making a program called Swiss Hack, it's supposed to be like a Swiss Army knife for hackers, if you could test it out and tell me what I could add on or improve, if you could also look at the code and tell me if there is anything I could fix in the code that would be cool to. I have three versions, a version for Bash running Python 2, a version for Windows running Python 3 and a version for Windows running Python 2.

Bash Py 2:
Win Py 3:
Win Py 2:

Thanks, Ben.

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Looking pretty decent, great job on commenting, easy too understand variables. I like the backdoor feature, I'll try running it in abit here, gonna switch too my kali box.

EDIT: maybe move your imports too the top of the script? i.e the (import subproccess) it also looks like you imported the socket module twice? (still a bit new to scripting so maybe I'm missing something)

I'm just starting to learn Python so you probably know more than I do, thanks for the help. :)

EDIT: The reason I imported socket twice is because whenever it writes the backdoor the backdoor needs socket in the program.

Fair enough, but when you import a module, you can call the functions of that module anywhere in the program your writing. So the backdoor would technically already be able to use the socket module, granted it worked when I tested it, would ya mind if I forked it and tried adding a quit option on key number 4 instead of just using CTRL C or CTRL Z on it? :)

Sure, I made some changes to the Windows Python 3 version because the Rot13 encryption doesn't work on Python 3. I added a feature that gets network passwords of networks that the computer has connected to. I also changed the link for the Windows version because I couldn't update it with Blackhost. I don't know how well the network option works because I am not running Python 3.

Fair enough, I'll give it a shot when I'm free, granted I'm on Python 2 as well so I getcha. But seems like ya have a sound application here so far. Keep up the good work!


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